1. What is CleverGet?

CleverGet software, belongs to HONGKONG TOPOU TECHNOLOGY LIMITED, is a media solution studio concentrating on developing and providing worldwide Windows and Mac customers with top-notch video, audio and photo solutions to improve digital entertainment onto another level. With years of concentration in video, audio and photo solutions, CleverGet has created a mature team to provide superb media products, and expert pre-and-after-sales customer support.

2. What does CleverGet offer?

Aiming to solve format incompatibility issues between videos, audios and photos, CleverGet have spent years in developing solutions of these files. Now, CleverGet provides world-class video and audio solutions, free player software, and photo solutions. The video/audio solutions include Video Converter, Video Converter Pro, Video Converter Premium, MOV to MP4 Converter, WebM to MP4 Converter, MKV to MP4 Converter, and AVI to MP4 Converter. Free video player software solutions include Video Player, MP4 Player, MKV Player, and FLV Player. Photo solutions include Photo AI Enhancer, Photo BG Remover, Photo Enlarger, and Photo Data Recover. All these media solutions are available in both Windows and Mac versions, except Photo Data Recover.

3. Why choose CleverGet?

CleverGet is an award-winning developer and supplier in video and audio converting, video playback, and photo enhancing software field. Our products have been tested and recommended by quite a few top-notch software testing giants and platforms such as TopTenReview, CNET, Softpedia, etc. By now, we have over 20 million loyal customers worldwide.

Meanwhile, our support service, both the pre-sales and after-sales service, has been highly praised by so many users around the globe. Our aim is to spare no effort to answer questions about software and IT in relation to our software if you contact with us, and we guarantee that our support service will be prompt, detailed and easy-to-understand so as to meet your needs to a great extent.